Decision Making in the Local Church - 1

In my own church tradition, local church-wide decisions are generally made by elders.

I understand why this happens. The historic context out of which the "new churches" emerged in the 1970s and 80s was often one where democracy prevailed and where men who were called to lead and shepherd God's people often found themselves held back by voting procedures, die-hard deacons and, occasionally, un-sanctified church "members" who would exert undue influence over key decisions in the life of the local congregation.

Against this backdrop, the renewed focus on leadership, spiritual authority and the role of elders that came through the churches in the 1980s was a welcome and necessary corrective.

My question now, 25 years on, is whether we are in danger of having thrown out the baby (the capacity of the congregation to discern the will of God together) with the bath water (carnal church politics).

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