On the Westminster Declaration

The Westminster Declaration has generated some discussion among Christians engaged with the political process in the run up to the General Election, drawing both praise and criticism from both inside and outside the Christian community

The Evangelical Alliance in Wales, meanwhile, has released its own set of priorities for voters to consider in the coming election.

"Firstly that the new government will ensure that the UK's poorest people will not lose out as it seeks to resolve the nation's colossal debt.

Secondly that the new government will commit itself to social justice. Wealth creation and entrepreneurship is to be encouraged so that the whole of society may benefit and not a privileged few.

Thirdly that the new government will ensure that Christians and other people of faith are allowed to express their views and organise themselves without the intrusive intervention of the state."

The difference of emphasis in the two statements says something about where different Christians assume the emphasis should be placed when seeking to apply their faith to their voting choices.

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