Alan Hirsch on the Forgotten Ways

I love what Alan is saying here about the characteristics of spontaneous mission movements.

My only concern is that, as with so much of this type of material, its starting point is the situation in the United States (despite Alan's Australian background.)

If the mainstream model of church is only capable (culturally) of reaching 40% of the American population (in which 90% of the population claim to believe in God), then those of us called to serve in the UK, with its more entrenched secularism and lower religious worldview are surely in need of thinking especially carefully about Alan's diagnosis as we seek to be the church of God in our cultural context.

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ian said...

I saw that. It strikes me merely as humanism.

Then he charges 10 bucks a pop for his test.

The Apostle Paul charging 10 bucks a pop for his advice??? Then he would have no credibility, right?

Nothing has changed. Such people have no credibility.

God bless