An Encouraging Easter

It may just be my personal slice of the web, but overall I've been pleasantly surprised at the rather positive profile that the Christian message seems to have had here in the UK over this Easter week.

A few anecdotal highlights:

  • Public baptisms of around thirty people in the open air outside York Minster on Easter Sunday. 
  • Several overt Christian references from public figures on Twitter and elsewhere.
  • The Port Talbot Passion Play involved around 1,000 local actors, and was performed over three days to crowds of up to 5,000. Extensive coverage on the BBC  
  • Reports of spontaneous baptisms in the Channel Islands. This from Jonathan Letoq :   "Great celebrations as Steph, unplanned, responds to the Gospel & is immediately baptised."

Great celebrations as Steph, unplanned, responds to the Gospe... on Twitpic

  • Finally, and because I like Americans as well, this from John Lanferman in St Louis via his Twitter feed: "Many spontaneous baptisms, that just keep coming. Thrilling... More and more keep coming to be baptized spontaneously. What a great day."

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